Investing in a Canadian Franchise

This is our home turf. With a mix of corporate and franchised bakeries open and running we know what works and where we need to be. In Canada we are seeking motivated franchise partners interested in opening one to five bakeries in key markets. Our unique franchise partner agreement, which eliminates license fees, is structured specifically to ensure your investment dollar goes where it matters most: into your store. Why? Because our success as a franchisor is directly dependent on your success as a franchise parter.

Here’s how it works:

Overall Investment Required: $200,000 to $400,000. Depending on how many bakeries you want to open in the first year, you should have $200,000 to $400,000 of investment capital available. The cost to build a CinnZeo bakery depends on size and the amount of work needed to prepare the location. Kiosks can be built for less than $100,000. Full sized cafes costs can run in excess of $200,000.

Development Fee: $15,000.

Most franchise organizations demand huge license fees from their franchisees, paid up front for every store they may wish to someday open. We have learned that your money is best spent on the development and running of your store. Instead charge a franchise fee that goes directly to “hiring” our franchise and operations expertise. The fee covers our hard costs in assisting you with all aspects of franchise development, from site selection to training, design and build-out. The fee is $15,000.00

Royalty Fee: 7% of sales, ongoing

The CinnZeo royalty fee is where we, as franchisors, generate our revenue and re-invest into the ongoing success of our franchised bakeries through in-store marketing and product development. To this point, all investment and energy has been focused on opening the right store, in the right location with the right people, instead of on license fees. This, we believe, is your, and our, assurance of success.

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