Support & Team

Once you have joined the CinnZeo family we put our team to work to help make your franchise business successful. We began our business by being a Franchisee and understand completely the need for support. We also own many of our own bakeries and our people are trained to be great operators.

When you buy into a CinnZeo franchise you’re investing in us – and we take that very seriously. Can anyone open a cinnamon roll store? Maybe. But could they do it and make their investment worthwhile? Probably not. Our people and our expertise are the necessary ingredient to your recipe for success. We invite you to meet us and learn how we work with franchise partners every step of the way.

Our team is made up of people who have not only had a lot of experience in the food business, but more importantly have had many years at Cinnaroll Bakeries, our parent company. They are owners and have grown with this business since 1987. Everyone has been involved to a very large degree in the growth of the company and has a sense of pride in the achievements they have influenced. They are also part of a larger team of support people who help make the day to day business at Cinnaroll successful. We have a dedicated support staff made up of trainers, franchise consultants and leasing specialists who will make the transition into the CinnZeo family a smooth one.

Barry Wolton

Barry is the President and CEO of Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited and has more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant and food manufacturing industry. He joined Cinnaroll in 1992 as a Bakery Manager of our Southgate Cinnzeo in Edmonton.  Barry was instrumental in the development of Baker Boys concept and brand marketing. Internationally, Barry spearheaded the expansion of the Cinnzeo franchise network globally building Cinnaroll into an international company with a strong retail, franchise and manufacturing base.

Craig Parsons

Craig is the Chief Operating Officer for Cinnaroll Bakeries. Craig began his career with Cinnaroll in 1989 as a Cinnzeo Bakery Manager in the Guildford Town Centre location in Surrey BC.  Since joining Cinnaroll he has held every key operational position in both the Cinnzeo and Baker Boys brands. Craig is instrumental in our growth and daily operations by providing advice, counsel and support based on his 20 plus years with Cinnaroll.

Graham Dobson

Graham Dobson is Cinnaroll Bakery’s Director of Retail Operations. With over thirty years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Graham is a professional that gets the job done. Graham is responsible for the growth, development and operations for the Cinnzeo brand on a global level.

Andrea Haase

Andrea Haase is Director of Wholesale Operations and is focused on Baker Boys, our wholesale brand. Andrea also leads our purchasing and logistics for both Cinnzeo and Baker Boys. Andrea joined Cinnaroll Bakeries in 1996 and began her career with us as a bakery manager in Calgary.

Reid Wolton

Reid holds the position of Business Development Manager with Cinnaroll Bakeries. In this position Reid is responsible for developing and fostering relationships with Cinnaroll franchise, retail and wholesale clients/partners. Reid joined the Cinnaroll team in 2010 bringing with him 10 plus years of customer support and guidance.

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