Our Brand

Our Brand is Our Guest’s Experience. It begins with the first smell of Cinnamon.  It evolves as they meet our friendly staff and enter the Cinnazone.  It is sealed with the first taste of true indulgence.

Our Brand is Our Quality.  Our recipes have been tested and refined to produce on the very highest quality product.  We use the world’s finest Canadian Wheat and our Siam Cinnamon is the highest grade of Cinnamon available in the world.  All this is topped with our smooth frosting that is made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Our Brand is Our Location. Cinnzeo Bakeries are typically located in high profile, high traffic locations throughout the world.

Our Brand is our People. Our staff, from Operators to Crew Members goes through intense and comprehensive training.  They are knowledgeable in all areas of our business. Most importantly they are trained to provide extremely high quality service that focuses on meeting the needs of our guest.

Times have changed but values have not.  The Cinnamon Roll is a symbol of traditional family values and home baked goodness.  This is the stuff great brands are made of.

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