Cinnzeo ™

Ever since our first Cinnamon Roll Bakery opened in Calgary in 1987, it has been our greatest pleasure to provide homemade cinnamon rolls to guests around the world. Even as we’ve grown and expanded, we’ve never lost track of our Canadian pride and values, and we remain determined to provide only the most wholesome and delicious experience possible.

At Cinnzeo ™, we specialize in crafting cinnamon rolls from scratch baked straight from the oven and prepared just for you to indulge in. In locations throughout Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East, Cinnzeo ™ has made a name for our freshly made Cinnarolls ™ and robust coffee, all in the warmth and comfort of our bakery cafe.


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What’s in Bakery

Whether you’re looking at one of our freshly made Cinnarolls ™ or something a little different, you’ll find that delicious bit of comfort every time you step into one of our bakeries. And the comfort doesn’t stop there—you can take our cinnamon rolls home with you in a variety of sizes and packages!

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Roll With Us

Franchising Opportunities

Opportunity has never tasted this good!

How do you establish a happy and loyal customer base? Through their stomachs, of course! And there’s no better way to do that than with a warm cinnamon roll made fresh to serve. Cinnamon rolls are a coveted comfort food across the globe, and Cinnzeo ™ is determined to deliver.

Making good on our promise to provide the best cinnamon rolls to everyone looking for a decadent treat, Cinnzeo ™ is always looking for new franchise partners and operators to help us share the Cinnzeo ™ experience throughout the world.

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