The Original

Can anything else ever really compare? The star of our delicious lineup, the wholesome and decadent Cinnaroll™, is a time tested classic and a favourite of families everywhere. Nothing else can ever truly compare. Baked to perfection with cinnamon and brown sugar gushing from each homemade wrap of dough, this treat is topped off with our delectable cream cheese frosting.

Our Cinnarolls are continually served fresh from the oven, ready at just the right time to melt in your mouth. These might just be better than grandma used to make, but don’t tell her that!





Desperate for one of our original Cinnarolls, but don’t think you can handle the entire roll? Our Minirolls are perfect replicas of the Cinnaroll, but at a splendid size for a snack on the go or for the perfect kid-sized treat. All the pleasure of the original Cinnaroll, at a manageable size!




Caramel Pecaroll

Is it possible to improve on a classic? Our Caramel Pecaroll might be able to convince you of that! The Pecaroll takes everything that you love about our original Cinnaroll, and gives it an artisanal twist. Topped with our creamy caramel fudge, roasted pecans, and our delectable cream cheese frosting, the Caramel Pecaroll is the perfect treat just for yourself or to share with a friend.





If you’re looking for something lighter than your typical Cinnaroll without sacrificing any of the flavour, then Cinnzeo has the treat for you. Our gourmet Twists have that same cinnamon spice mixture and blended sugar that you’ve come to love, wrapped in the flaky tenderness of a Danish pastry. Don’t forget the frosting dip!

Come down to Cinnzeo next time you’re looking for a handheld treat that everyone can enjoy!





Sometimes you just want a tasty treat that you can finish in one bite. Our CinnaDippers are the perfect casual snack, especially when paired with our delicious cream cheese frosting for you to dip each morsel into. The same Cinnzeo taste you know and love, but in a size that is sure to delight in a few bites. Don’t forget that frosting dip!




Cinnamon Shakerz

We’ve got a fun treat that’s perfect for you to share with the whole gang. Our Cinnamon ShakerZ are the perfect snack to take on the go, whether you have a pack of kids looking for a sweet treat or just want to share something new with your friends. Each cup is brimming with bite-sized rolls that you can shake, share, and dip.

Make sure you visit Cinnzeo the next time you’re trying to think of a treat you can share with everyone!




Mini Snack Pack

What’s the best and cutest way to treat your friends and family? With one of our Mini Snack Packs, of course! With nine bite-sized and double-frosted rolls for you to easily pick up and take on the go, the Mini Snack Pack is sure to make you incredibly popular with the whole crew.

Come down to your nearest Cinnzeo location, and pick up a Mini Snack Pack to share!




Take Out Packs

Made fresh for a hungry crowd, our Take-Out Packs from Cinnzeo are the perfect treat for you to share. Coming in boxes of four or six and nine or fifteen, these cinnamon rolls are packed with enough flavour and frosting to ensure that everyone at home or in the office gets a bite of heaven. Our Take-Out Packs are cooled and double frosted, so you can conveniently take these anywhere. You’ll always have just the right amount of freshly baked Cinnarolls for at home or the office.  They freeze well if you want to save some for an indulgence later.

Be the most popular person anywhere you go with these treats! Next time you stop by Cinnzeo, make sure you pick up the treat that everyone enjoys.